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Looking for a trusted Translation company but don’t know where to turn?

We were asked about DHCTranslations and therefore we put them to the test!

We asked them to translate a sample text from Italian to English of around 1000 words and also a small text of around 300 words.

Here is what we found. Certified Translators


Everything is very clear. They normally charge a minimum fee of £40 which covers translations up to 400 words however they do reduce this fee if you only require a small translate of say a few lines going down to £20 from what we have seen. This stands out to us as one of the cheapest or should I say the most affordable options and I am glad to see that they are flexible with prices and not charging a minimum fee of over £100 as some agencies do!


They have two services. One is their standard service which usually takes 2-4 days and the other is their express service which as the name says, is express. We were eager to try out the express service to see if they could really deliver and live up to the service’s name. To our pleasant surprise they managed to have our document translated same day even on a Sunday. Can’t really get much better than that.


Okay, so they’re fast. What about quality?  As we are also language lovers here at WCD Assessment we understand how difficult it can be to translate, even if they are short simple sentence! Actually these short sentences are often the most difficult to translate as the context of the sentence is very limited.  We had one of our Italian friends check over the document with us and to quote her the translation was “flawless”.

Trusted Translation Company

Customer Service

Lastly we wanted to see about their customer service. They replied to our e-mail within 10 minutes and were very polite answering every question we had. We wanted the document to be fit for submission to the UK government https://www.gov.uk/certifying-a-document and they made sure that we understood the requirements and told us that they would take care of everything. They let us know that they had received our payment and kept us updated every step of the way. Upon delivery they also invited us to read the content and to let the know if we thought that anything needed changing or we had any preference in the wording. We asked if there was a fee for this and to our surprise it was all gratis (free!).